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If you've booked your rugby tour, hockey tour, cricket tour or football tour with Tours 4 Sport, you are sure to have a fantastic time but, just to get you into the spirit, we've put together some suggested (fun) sports tour rules below. We recommend that the tour organiser leads a tour court to oversee fines arising from non-compliance with tour laws!

  • Rule number one - "What goes on tour stays on tour"
  • 'Tour Court' session to be held each morning at breakfast - appropriate awards, fines and punishments to be doled out by the tour management.
  • Everyone must have a 'permission to tour' letter from their mother/partner.
  • Everyone must have 2 minutes of entertainment prepared, which they can be called upon to perform at any time, e.g. songs, jokes, party tricks etc.
  • Everyone must attend breakfast and each tour court session.
  • Forbidden words - anyone saying a certain word on tour will be fined. Challenge yourselves -  good words to choose are the name of the country you are visiting, the currency or the sport you are playing.
  • No finger pointing.
  • 'Rolling Fire' can be called by Tour management in pubs. Upon hearing the call, all tourists must finish their drinks immediately and leave the venue.
  • All phone calls home must be done in front of the rest of the group, and must finish with a chorus of "love you" from the entire group.
  • Any non-playing tour members must dress up as cheerleaders whilst watching the team play.
  • Tour virgins must choreograph and perform their own Haka before each fixture.
  • A tour translator will be appointed and must act as an interpreter during all public speaking. They cannot have any previous experience of the language in question.

Above all, make sure that everyone on tour has a great time as part of your team, both on the field and off!

These sports tour laws are meant as light entertainment so please don't take them too seriously. Tours 4 Sport accepts no liability for the actions of tourists following these suggestions. Please remember to drink responsibly on tour, as you are representing your club and your country.

“All the tourists really enjoyed the trip and praised the organisation of the rugby and the evening meal and drinks and all that went with it. Many said it was the best night they had in their rugby careers. So thank you for the whole tour.”

DG - Tiverton Rugby Club

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